April 27, 2021

Medical Keyboards Are Essential for Infection Control: Here's Why

Thanksto the recent pandemic,the need for properhygiene inhealthcare facilities is greater now more than ever. Interestingly, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), nearly 1.7 million hospitalized patients come down with healthcare- acquired Infections (HAIs) annually and one in 17 dies as a result. And that's before the pandemic.

In fact, a recentsurvey by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) suggests that thenumbers have gone up since COVID. For instance, central line-associated bloodstream infections(CLABSIs) have increased by 27.8% andventilator-associated events (VAEs) or ventilator-associatedpneumonia (VAPs) or have risen by 17.6%.So, it goes without saying that proper hygiene in clinicsis a critical issue.

But proper infection control in healthcare facilities isn't just limitedto clothing or equipment     used within theward... it must also include basic tools and technology such ascomputers and keyboards that are easily overlooked.And thanks to the surge in healthcareinformation technology, the use of computers, keyboards,tablets and other electronic devices has becomecommonplace in all healthcare facilities. That'snot going to change anytime soon.


Why Disinfecting Your Keyboard Matters

Of all electronic devices, keyboards are particularly notorious for accumulating bacteria and otherpathogens withintheir crevices. And because regular consumer keyboards have unevensurfaces (and are incompatible with hospitalgrade disinfectants), getting rid of all germs is anear-impossible task. This, of course, increases the chances of transmitting variousdisease-causing organisms.

This results ina greatneed forproper handhygiene and infection control protocols,especially for keyboards, to ensure the safety of both healthcare workers andpatients. And this is where theMedigenic Infection Control Keyboardcomes in. This keyboard was designed for one purpose — to drastically reduce the spread of infection in healthcare facilities.


What Makes this Keyboard so Great?

The Medigenic Infection Control Keyboard comes with many critical features that make it an excellentchoice forreducing infectionsin clinics. Here are a few of them:

Thorough cleaning is fastand easy. The flat surface of this keyboard ensures thatthere are no crevicesfor pathogens to hide in during cleaning. In addition, thesilicone-based cover is also highly resistant to hospital-gradecleaners, which makes thorough cleaning not just easy but safe for the lifespanof the keyboard.

1.  Super Fast cleaningwithout the need to unplug

Unlike most medicalgrade keyboards that need to be transported to a dishwasher or a sink for cleaning,this keyboard can be cleaned in seconds withoutunplugging it. The flat surface can beeffectively cleaned with a simple disinfectant wipe down, therebysaving valuable time and energy.

2.  Inbuilt Cleaning Alert System

Ina fast-paced environment like clinics, rememberingsimple things like disinfecting a keyboard can suddenly become a herculean task. But we've got you covered. The Medigenic Infection Control Keyboardcomes with a patented cleaning alert system that reminds you when the keyboard requires cleaning.And as soon as the moist towel wipes across the surface ofthe keyboard, the alarm is reset. Based on the unique needsof yourhealthcare facility or unit, the time interval between each alarm can be adjusted usingour free software.

3.  User-Friendly Design for Fast Typing

This keyboardwasn't just designed for safety, but also for fast typing and efficient operation. Underneath the medical-grade silicone cover is a set oftop-notch scissor-key keyboards withan extremely rapid tactile response. A soft touch is all that is required to activate the keys,thus making it just as efficient as a standard keyboard. In a 2008 UCLH study involving the Medigenic Keyboard, 17 out of 20 users reported that they found it veryeasy to touch-type compared to only 2 out of 20 who said the same for a silicone keyboard with raised keys.

Perhaps the best part oftheMedigenic Infection Control Keyboard is that it comes witha no-obligation free trial that allows you to experience the tremendous benefitsof this great deviceat no cost to your organization. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today to arrange a free trial.