Habits that
save lives

Medigenic® reduces the spread of pathogens by enabling quick and easy disinfection while also creating habits that save lives

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Gloved hand holding a Medigenic washable keyboard.

Our Products

Best in class typing and cleaning in four convenient packages.

Two models of Medigenic infection control keyboards.


Full Size & Cart Size

Backlighting and a reminder alert for the most critical locations

Medigenic washable keyboard


Full Size

The same cleaning and typing function in a value priced model.

Washable wireless keyboard and mouse


Mini Size

Wireless and compact for moving tray arms.

Washable Infection control mouse.


Wired & wireless

Scrolling functions are enabled with buttons rather than a wheel

How It Works

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1. Keyboard Will Alert You When Cleaning Is Required

Patented reminder improves compliance to Infection Control Protocols from 27% to 87%.

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2. Disable Keyboard, Using Light Pressure to Clean

One touch to disable the keyboard for cleaning. No need to unplug.

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3. Easy Cleanup, Use
Any Disinfectant

The silicone surface is resistant to all commonly used medical grade cleaners.

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4. Wipe Entire Surface,
Alert Will End

Internal moisture and pressure sensors detect when effective cleaning has occurred.

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Medical Grade Washable Keyboard for infection control

Developed in conjunction with the University College of London Hospital (UCLH), Medigenic® was created to provide fast and effective cleaning to reduce the spread of infections and help form habits that can save lives without compromising usability. It is now the standard keyboard used across the entire National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom and at the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Hospitals, and hundreds of others, reminding users to follow infection control protocols with its patented alert system and software.

Gloved hand washing a Medigenic keyboard.

Medigenic strives to be more than just another “washable keyboard”.  We do this by helping users follow established infection control protocols, by enabling quick and easy disinfection, and by making a keyboard that users can actually type with comfortably.

Medigenic icon.

Medigenic uniquely helps monitor its own cleaning status, to safeguard patients and staff with user defined, time-based cleaning alerts.

Cleaning solution icon.

The flat, silicone surface enables cleaning without disconnection, with any disinfecting wipe, in just ten seconds.

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A high quality scissor style keyboard beneath the elastomer provides gentle tactile response for easy touch typing.

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Best In Class Infection Control Keyboards

There are many cleanable keyboards, but only one Infection Control Keyboard.

Medigenic washable keyboard and mouse.
  • Fast and Effective Cleaning
  • Time Savings when Cleaning
  • Patented Cleaning Alert System
  • Rapid Data Entry


We partner with top industry teams to help engineer and develop this product to help reduce infections

Developed in conjunction with the University College of London hospital, Medigenic is the standard keyboard in use across the entire NHS system in the United Kingdom. Click on the link above for the complete clinical study.

Winner of a 2009 Medical Design Excellence Award for its contribution to advancement in the design of medical products as it has proven to significantly reduce the risk of hospital-acquired infections.

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Choose The Best Model For You

Choose the correct features for your infection control needs

Backlit keys 
Cart size variant available 
Single “disable” key for fast cleaning 
Impervious to liquid  chemical cleaners 
Sealed to IP67
Hypo-allergenic silicone cover 
Abrasion resistant protective coating 
Plug and Play 
Tactile response for high speed typing
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Available in multiple language variants 
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User defined time-based cleaning alert
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Product Features


What People Say

infection control keyboard full size compliance

"Testing of the Medigenic keyboard in the medical surgical ICU at University College London Hospitals showed significant log reduction in bacterial contamination i the range of 0.35log-1.4log (71%-96%) at cleaning alert settings ranging from 1.5 to 12 hours"

Dr. Peter Wilson
Microbiologist UCLH
infection control keyboard full size compliance

"Since the Medigenic keyboard was introduced, the nurses have had no complaints of typing errors. They rave about the ease of typing. the keyboards are easier to clean as they have a flat surface."

Barbara Everett
Director of infection Control,
Riverside Community Hospital
infection control keyboard full size compliance

"With UHA we use the rule that our employees disinfect the keyboard when they start their service. The keyboards are therefore cleaned at least 3 times a day with disinfecting wipes. it is important to us that disinfection takes very little time an effort."

Frank vander Laer
University Hospital Antwerp
infection control keyboard full size compliance

"As an infection prevention expert I am very pleased with and encourage use of the Medigenic keyboard"

Hein Shotsman
University Medical Center Groningen
infection control keyboard full size compliance

"Medigenic has been used satisfactorily in the UMCG for years and continues to be rolled out in the various departments."

Gies Bakker
infection control keyboard full size compliance

"Both doctors and nurses are very satisfied."

Nick Geybels
University Hospital Antwerp