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Medical Touch Screen and Display
Sealed Keyboard

Expertise in crafting superior HMX products

Expertise in crafting superior HMX products

Touchscreen device resting on it main control housing.
Industrial Automation HMI User Interface
Buttons Joysticks Sliders


Touch Buttons Smart Surfaces

Touch Controls &
Smart Surfaces

At the Forefront of Technology

  • Projected Capacitive touch displays,
    5” to 85” 
  • Display to touch screen full optical lamination bonding, any size 
  • Smart surfaces, touch responsive surfaces
  • Embedded computing    
  • Wireless connectivity and charging 
  • Wearable solutions for VR:  
    • Training 
    • Virtual design 
    • Telerobotics 
  • Printable electronics 

In Harsh Environments

  • Sealed surfaces 
  • Fully cleanable 
  • High life-cycle (1M, 3M, and even up to 10M cycle options)
  • Wear-proof icons 
  • High durability controls
  • Ruggedized housings 
  • Impact proof  
  • Liquid immune 
  • Glove compatible
  • Antimicrobial, infection control surfaces

For Difficult Requirements 

  • Medical 
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive 
  • Custom tactile response 
  • Complex cosmetics
  • Challenging backlighting needs 
  • Unique touch screen and touch control requirements 
  • Display enhancements