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Medical ultrasound touchscreen device.

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New technologies present a lot of information and capabilities that can complicate a user experience, and that’s why our mission is so targeted; for our customers, we are the bridge that connects people with information, capabilities, and tools that enhance lives everyday

Immersive Products

The evolution of digital interaction is driving new immersive experiences. We're focused on helping customers integrate and deploy new technologies that shape the Human Machine eXperience.

The advent of new technologies including AR/VR, Tele-operation, Smart Fabrics, and Sensor Integrated End Effectors are paving the way for HMX products. Our core competencies are grounded on integrating these new capabilities to deliver positive user experiences.

  • Wearable Electronics & Exoskeleton
  • Robotics & Tele-robotics
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
The HaptX glove.

Infection Control

Developed in conjunction with the University College of London Hospital (UCLH). The Medigenic® washable infection control keyboard, reduces the spread of pathogens by enabling quick and easy disinfection while also creating habits that save lives without compromising usability.

  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Custom Input
The Medigenic keyboard

Display Interface

From the true tactile user interface of OnGlass Controls to the touchless technology of gesture sensing. AIS strives to enhance the Human Machine Experience.

Our display interface solutions deliver exceptional performance meeting the needs of a broad range of industries, be it the regulated requirements of medical applications, the durability counted on for industrial controls, or the rugged outdoor environment of oil fields.

  • Touchscreens
  • Touch Displays
  • OnGlass Controls
  • Gesture Sensing
# different sized touch screens next to a device with on glass controls.

HMI Solutions

Physical controls are a dominant HMI attribute that support a broad range of interactions and applications to achieve a desired experience.

Advanced Input Systems has decades of experience helping customers identify design and performance tradeoffs to meet product requirements.

  • Membrane switches
  • Elastomer Buttons & keypads
  • Smart Surfaces
  • Buttons
  • Joysticks
  • Touch Controls
Man in a green shirt operating an industrial vehicle pressing a button

Commercialization Services

For custom designed input devices or entirely integrated systems, our 40+ years of Human Machine Interface experience will help you meet your creative vision and differentiation goals. We partner with countless original equipment manufacturers on proprietary designs from the initial conceptual design stages through manufacturing end-of-life.

Helping OEM customers manage every phase of their product life cycle. Working directly with your teams to assist in developing products that are optimized for manufacturing, cost, and quality. Our Concurrent Engineering development process emphasizes participation for all downstream functions early in the design cycle to maximize program objectives.

  • Models and prototyping
  • Design Engineering
  • Concept and specification development
  • Project management
  • Product life-cycle management
  • Reliability and compliance testing
Medical input device.

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