Medigenic Wireless Infection Control Keyboard

Wireless and compact for moving tray arms.

Wireless cleanable keyboard

Key Feature Highlights

Medigenic keyboards are purpose-built to make cleaning easy while also being comfortable to type on. With a flat, flexible silicone surface, this durable and cleanable keyboard reduces the workload on staff and provides an economical alternative to single-use disposable plastic covers. Effective Infection Control has never been so easy.

Wireless keyboard icon

Cordless Portability

The Wireless model is designed for cordless operation in applications where portability is a requirement such as a a moving arm or tray. There are no wires to tangle or interfere with the movement of the tray, and the compact size fits in any space.

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Sanitize in Seconds

Featuring a flat, flexible silicone surface allowing no place for pathogens to hide during wipe down. The Medigenic keyboard can be disinfected effectively in just ten seconds without having to unplug it.

The durable hypoallergenic Silicone cover is impervious to all hospital-grade cleaners

The medical grade keyboard has a fully washable waterproof housing rated to IP54 for those occasions when rinsing or full submersion is required.

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Push Button Cleaning mode

A button disables input during wipe down so there are no unintended keystrokes during cleaning.

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Comfortable High Speed Data Entry

A high-quality scissor style keyboard under the surface enables comfortable and efficient typing

Gloved hand using Medigenic keyboardHand using Medigenic washable keyboard

* UCLH clinical study comparing Medigenic to other cleanable keyboards

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Front of wireless keyboard datasheet for healthcare applications.


Front of wireless keyboard datasheet for dental applications.