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Medigenic® reduces the spread of pathogens by enabling quick and easy disinfection while also creating habits that save lives


The Medigenic® Compliance Infection Control Keyboard uniquely helps monitor its own cleaning status to safeguard both patients and staff with user defined, time-based cleaning alerts.

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A clinical study from UCLH showed that the alert function improved cleaning compliance from 27% to 87%.

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The Medigenic® Essential keyboard has the same flat elastomer cover as the Compliance, but in a value package with no alerts or backlighting. There is no need to disconnect the keyboard and move it to a sink or dishwasher for cleaning, and the high quality scissor style keys below the elastomer enable comfortable and efficient typing.

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The Wireless model is designed for cordless operation in Dental applications or anywhere a keyboard is used on a moving arm or tray. There are no wires to tangle or interfere with the movement of the tray, and the small size fits in any space.

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Infection control wireless keyboard
Infection control mouse


An easily cleaned optical mouse designed for medical environments, the Medigenic® Medical Scroll Mouse is impervious to antibacterial spray or liquid cleaning products. To enable effective cleaning,the scroll wheel is replaced with directional buttons that allow users to easily scroll up and down the computer screen. 

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About Medigenic

There are many cleanable keyboards, but only one Infection Control Keyboard.

Developed in conjunction with the University College of London Hospital (UCLH), Medigenic® was created to provide fast and effective cleaning to reduce the spread of infections and help form habits that can save lives without compromising usability. It is now the standard keyboard used across the entire National Health Service (NHS) of the United Kingdom and at the Mayo Clinic, Kaiser Hospitals, and hundreds of others, reminding users to follow infection control protocols with its patented alert system and software.

UCLH clinical study

Best In Class Infection Control Keyboards

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Infection control keyboard and mouse

Typing Comfort

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Medigenic® is designed with 20 years of infection control expertise with easy to clean surfaces and user-friendly interfaces that outperform other medical keyboards. Compared to other keyboards, Medigenic® keyboards can:

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