Touch Screens

Touchscreen in use in a manufacturing setting.
AIS Touchscreens

AIS Touch Screen glass sensor construction provides the impact strength and optical clarity needed for high-performance products. Touch characterizations optimized using our best-in-class tuning processes to align functionality to the user’s application. AIS Touch Screens seamlessly integrate into your product design to support overall product performance goals.

AIS Touchscreens offer :
  • Multi-Touch, up to 10 points with Palm Rejection
  • Impact and Scratch Resistance
  • Water Rejection
  • Touch Tuning and Characterization
  • Optical Clarity
  • High Noise and EMC Immunity

AIS offers fully integrated design and manufacturing capabilities worldwide and can provide custom touch screen/display solutions upon request.


Three different sized touchscreens

Each AIS Capacitive Touch Display reflects years of experience and know-how that you can rely on when integrating into systems that need to perform beyond the traditional limits, and in applications that challenge convention.

Each system is characterized and optimized with a balanced feature set to meet the needs of products requiring high performance solutions. Relying on AIS as your trusted partner for Touch Screen Displays reduces headaches and speeds development time to market through the use of proven products that are ready to meet new challenges.

Features and Benefits :
  • Standard sizes include 7.0”, 10.1” and 12.1W”
  • Integrated PCAP sensor and controller board
  • Touch tuning to meet your application needs
  • Chemically strengthened glass that is durable and scratch resistant
  • Water rejection for false touch performance
  • Noise and EMC Immunity
  • USB and I2C data output


Standard Sizes




Part Number




Dimensions (mm)




Capacitive (PCAP) Touch


  • <25ms Response Time
  • <50mA Power Draw of Sensor
  • 10 point Multi-Touch and Gesture support
  • Water Rejection
  • Finger & Gloved Touch compatible

I/O Interfaces

USB with HID Digitizer Class Output or I2C

Input Voltages

3.3 or 5.0 VDC

Cover Glass


1.8mm Soda Lime Glass


70 +/- 10 Gloss Anti-Glare Etch


>88% with Haze <5%


Black Border


Operating Temperature

0°C to +50°C

Standard Storage Temperature

-40°C to +70°C

Relative Humidity

0-95% @ +40°C (Non-condensing)

Emission & Immunity

    ESD, EMI, RFI 

NOTE: AIS can help define and configure your compliance strategy to support your product regulatory needs

Please contact AIS to learn more about how our expertise and experience can help solve your most difficult Human Machine eXperience (HMX) challenges.

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