Our Culture is Important

At AIS we strive to embody what it means to live, work and play in our local communities. The ability to learn, develop and grow in a high technology company with the option for endless exploration right at the doorstep.

Benefits & Perks

Health benefits Icon


Employee health is paramount to our company's success, and we are committed to providing health benefits that prioritize the well-being of our team members.

  • 100% employer paid medical
  • Competitive dependent coverage
  • Short & Long Term disability
  • Vision & Dental
  • Mental Health & Counseling
  • Telemedicine
  • Gym Discounts
Icon for employee culture.


We recognize that a positive and inclusive work environment is essential for fostering innovation, collaboration, and the personal growth of our employees

  • 1/2 day Fridays
  • Community Days
  • Team Environment & collaboration
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Company Events
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Our commitment to nurturing and investing in our employees' professional journeys not only drives their individual success but also fuels our company's innovation and excellence.

  • Competitive pay
  • On The Job Training
  • Education Compensation
  • Dynamic Work Setting
  • Service Awards
  • 401 K

Behaviors & Values

Icon for exceptional character


It all starts with EXCEPTIONAL CHARACTER. This means having the humility to freely admit mistakes with honesty and the willingness to operate with authenticity and transparency.

Icon for employee empowerment.


We have EMPOWERMENT to act; believing that a lack of decisiveness is worse than a bad decision. By holding ourselves and others accountable, we shun a need for micro-managed, bureaucratic or hierarchical environments.

Icon for entrepreneurial spirit


ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT. This means incorporating innovation into the DNA of our day to day. We will challenge assumptions, look for new, better, faster ways of working, simplifying wherever possible and will never be afraid of change.

Icon for start up like mentality


STARTUP-LIKE MENTALITY. We do whatever it takes to get the job done, believing no task, large or small, is neither above nor below us. This means getting out of comfort zones, operating outside of job titles, and creatively doing whatever is needed to help the team win.

Positive Attitude Icon


POSITIVE ATTITUDE is contagious and necessary for healthy and productive interactions. We are responsible for our attitudes, choosing to be optimistic, hopeful, and purposeful. Encouraging and uplifting each other whenever possible.

Icon for person impact


Our behaviors and values contribute to the IMPACT of our individual, team and Company performance. Collectively, we strive to outperform expectations from each other and our customers.