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Teleoperation enhances safety and control with force feedback robotics

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Innovative Interaction

Wearable systems enable a new dimension for user interfaces

The evolution of digital interaction is driving new immersive experiences.

We're focused on helping customers integrate and deploy new technologies that shape the Human Machine eXperience.


True-Contact Haptics for VR + Robotics

The only gloves with true-contact haptics. Our patented technology displaces your skin the same way a real object would. With 133 points of tactile feedback per hand, HaptX Gloves DK2 achieves a level of realism that other haptic devices can’t match.

Enterprise virtual reality solutionsHaptX Gloves bring industrial-grade haptics and natural interaction to VR for the first time. Fortune 500 companies and governments use HaptX Gloves for workforce training and industrial design.

Telerobotics solutionsControl robotic hands from thousands of miles away. Feel what the robot touches in real time. It sounds like science fiction, but it’s possible today with HaptX Gloves.

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Person with HaptX gloves and VR headset.

Expanding Potential

Connecting people with the precision and control of machines. Do what's possible.

Robotics & Tele-robotics

Person with hardhat in a manufacturing facility.
Spotlight: Workplace Safety
Spotlight: Workplace Safety

The applications for teleoperation are growing everyday. Advanced Input Systems takes pride in developing HMX products that truly enhance lives everyday, and nothing supports this more than personal safety. Whether this is enabling people to perform tasks from safe environments while the work being done is in a hazardous environment, or producing higher quality of work by leveraging machine precision to collaboratively support a user, the new capabilities offered by humans controlling force feedback robotics are reducing risk in potentially dangerous applications.

Sensory Feedback & Control

Wearable User Interfaces must feel natural to meet our expectations for HMX products.

Wearable Electronics & Exoskelton Solutions

Spotlight: Interact in VR as you would naturally

To deliver an exceptional Human Machine eXperiences requires the solution to naturally complement the user. The HaptX DK2 Glove provides tactile feedback to vitual environments. Whether you’re training your workforce, designing a new product, or controlling robots from a distance, HaptX Gloves make it feel real.

Two people wearing virtual reality goggles using the hapt X glove.
Interact in VR as you would naturally

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