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Medical ultrasound touchscreen device.
Sealed Keyboard

Expertise in crafting superior HMX products

Expertise in crafting superior HMX products

Touchscreen device resting on it main control housing.
Industrial Automation HMI User Interface
Buttons Joysticks Sliders


Touch Buttons Smart Surfaces

Touch Controls &
Smart Surfaces

At the Forefront of Technology

  • Projected Capacitive touch displays,
    5” to 85” 
  • Display to touch screen full optical lamination bonding, any size 
  • Smart surfaces, touch responsive surfaces
  • Embedded computing    
  • Wireless connectivity and charging 
  • Wearable solutions for VR:  
    • Training 
    • Virtual design 
    • Telerobotics 
  • Printable electronics 

In Harsh Environments

  • Sealed surfaces 
  • Fully cleanable 
  • High life-cycle (1M to 10M )
  • Wear-proof icons 
  • High durability controls
  • Ruggedized housings 
  • Impact proof  
  • Liquid immune 
  • Glove compatible
  • Antimicrobial, infection control surfaces

For Difficult Requirements 

  • Medical 
  • Military
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive 
  • Custom tactile response 
  • Complex cosmetics
  • Challenging backlighting needs 
  • Unique touch screen and touch control requirements 
  • Display enhancements 

Infection Control Product Specialists 

  • Medigenic keyboards, the only keyboard that is not just cleanable, but truly focused on infection control needs
    • Patented cleaning alert system encourages hygiene compliance.
    • Reduce patient health risk with burden free cleaning, clean in place at the workstation in just a few seconds.
    • But still comfortable to use, even during lengthy data entry sessions.
  • Variety of solutions for infection control needs, improving quality of cleaning, without sacrificing ease-of-use: 
    • Disinfection monitoring technologies 
    • Use of antimicrobial surfaces 
    • Sealed housings and individual controls
    • Significantly minimized bacterial traps  
    • Use of materials that stand up to harsh hospital-grade cleaners 

Display Interface Products 

  • Standard touch screen and touch display products provide optimal lead times and pricing. Featuring full optical bonding and antimicrobial cover glass. Available in a variety of sizes. 
  • OnGlass controls provide the ability to build mechanical controls (dials, buttons, sliders, and joysticks) onto the surface of the touch screen. 
    • Provides tactile feedback and precise ”blind touch” interaction with the touch screen while looking in a different direction. 
    • Use the display to provide dynamic labeling and reconfigurable layouts. 
    • No active electronics in the mechanical controls, improves reliability, no issues due to contact with liquids.
  • Gesture sensing solutions for touch-free controls:  
    • Maintain hygiene (even surgical environment sterility) by avoiding direct touch contact.
    • Allows direct interactive control of the display content from afar. 

Custom HMI System Solutions with
Seamless Technology Integration
For Medical and Industrial Environments

  • Well versed in designing for:
    • Impact resistance for standards such as EN60950, IEC62368, and UL1067.
    • Ingress protection for up to IP67, NEMA4X.
    • EMI strategies for even the most extreme medical and military environments.
  • Accelerate your time to market by letting an expert handle the HMI as a complete system instead of piecemealed individual components. 
  • The expertise to bring together a variety of complex technologies, assuring they interact as a cohesive system, reducing your technical risk. 
  • Our +40 years of customization experience will help you meet your creative vision and set your products apart from the competition.
  • AIS is a medical ISO 13485 certified facility with extensive experience creating products for surgery and ICU environments, medical imaging, and patient monitoring.